Porn Fetishes and Vomit Are Hilarious. Apparently.

Microsoft keeps buckling under the weight of a beast known as market share. They want more of it and it appears that they'll stoop pretty low to get it.

They've released a series of new videos for an Internet Explorer 8 ad campaign. The browser looks to be an excellent product and the ads have been doing a terrific job at raising awareness, by means of satire, of certain technological difficulties and human behaviors. This week they released a new ad that raised more than awareness, it raised a few eyebrows as well.

The premise of the video is, "Surf your porn in secret with IE8 so that your significant other doesn't discover your secret sexual fetish and vomit on you."

No, really.

They have retracted the ad which has probably helped drive traffic more than anything else. It should be noted that the feature they are touting, which allows you to surf the internet without an audit trail, is not unique to IE8. Safari, Chrome and Firefox have similar settings. "Private browsing" is here to stay, so check the settings on your family computer and make sure your kids know it is off limits in your home.

Microsoft Wishes You Happy Porn Surfing

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