Microsoft Responds To Bing Concerns, Falls Flat

An article in InformationWeek discusses Microsoft's response to the concerns about its new search engine, They are basically still ignoring home users, but they have provided a hack workaround to keep SafeSearch in strict mode for all computers on a corporate network.

Microsoft also has added a tool that lets network managers enforce the SafeSearch mode at the network level. Add "&adlt=strict" to the end of a query "and no matter what the settings are for that session, it will return results as if SafeSearch was set to strict," said Nichols.

I can understand why they would want to fix this. Corporations use server-side web content filters in order to protect themselves from sexual harassment type lawsuits. Where I work, most political sites are also blocked. These sorts of policies help keep the peace.

Nichols said Microsoft may introduce some other tools that help Bing users block explicit content. "We think our current search safety settings are solid, but at Microsoft we are always working on pushing this stuff farther," said Nichols.

I don't think Microsoft necessarily wants to please everybody. They know they need an edge in the marketplace, and I don't blame them. My hope is that a decision-maker there realizes that being considered a trusted, family-friendly resource could be just the edge they're looking for.


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